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We all work hard as parents and sometimes we need a little help learning to work smarter by utilizing parenting strategies that address common issues, routines, and problem behaviors. With life getting ever busier, it’s not always easy to develop ways in which to improve your parenting and your child’s behavior. Having a parenting coach allows you a fresh perspective on your situation and gives you new strategies to implement which will improve your situation quickly and permanently.

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Parent Coaching is simply that, coaching for parents. It gives you proactive strategies for solving problems within your family life.

By understanding the roots of inappropriate behavior in your children, you can finally treat the cause and not just the symptoms, ensuring quality, lifelong habits moving forward.


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It is understandable to be skeptical when confronted with new ideas regarding how to parent. After all, your parents raised you a certain way and you turned out okay, right? But the fact of the matter is, times change and so do individual needs. What worked for you as a child, may not work for you as a parent. It is important to assess what is working, what is not, and how to make it all work in your child’s favor. Consider the benefits of partnering with Confident Parenting:

Build Better Relationships

Our goal is to create a community centered around your child. It is our aim that you bring that communal mentality into your home and ensure your child knows you are present and able to effectively respond to their needs.

Become A Better Parent

Just in case you were wondering… nobody’s perfect! We are not trying to change who you are, but we are hoping to improve how you parent. By modeling appropriate parent behavior, you can become a better version of yourself.

Move Your Lives Forward

Life is hard. Being a parent is hard. And now you have to juggle work, leisure, finances, and everything in between. We want you to have the skills and energy to focus on moving your life forward and not consistently applying temporary fixes to permanent issues.

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Life used to be simple, right? We shared some universal truths – be home by the time the street lights came on, don’t take candy from strangers, and don’t play outside in your school clothes. But the advent of cell phones, tablets, laptops, the internet, social media, and all other technology that was meant to bring us closer together has, at times, driven us further apart.

We, as parenting experts, understand these ever-changing times and the ever-changing needs that come along with it. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Not asking for help is. We said it before, being a parent is hard. And so is being a kid. We recognize this. Let us be a part of the solution to your family problems.


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