What Are Parents Biggest Issues in 2018?

What Are Parents Biggest Issues in 2018? It is easy to say that everything about 2018 is an issue but perhaps, we need to narrow our focus just a little to the big issues parents face? There are the obvious parent issues that we all face today- the national mood; money, and anxiety around the future. However, in speaking with groups of people regarding parent issues, FIVE challenges emerge as [...]

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7,213,599 American Kids Are On Psychiatric Drugs!

7,213,599 American Kids Are On Psychiatric Drugs! Before you read these figures on the extent of childhood medication in our society today, please take a deep breath and ask what is going on in our country and with our kids? The following information is the most accurate data available on the subject of childhood medication here in the United States. The best and latest information on the prescription of childhood [...]

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The Commandments of Confident Parenting

The Commandments of Confident Parenting At Confident Parenting, we have never met the perfect parent. At Confident Parenting, we believe that all parents love their kids At Confident Parenting, we offer 100% support to parents At Confident Parenting, we believe that parents need partners At Confident Parenting, we create plans for parenting At Confident Parenting, we rescue families that struggle At Confident Parenting, we do not blame and shame At Confident [...]

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The High-Maintenance Child

The High-Maintenance Child I will always remember attending the ADD meeting where a mother presented to us the story of her high maintenance child.  He started and was expelled from Kindergarten on the same day! He continued apace as a high-maintenance child in school and at home for the next 14 years until graduation from high school. She displayed a photo of him proudly headed to the stage; however, he [...]

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It’s All About The Brain

"I would not be just a nothin', My head all full of stuffin', My heart all full of pain. I would dance and be merry, Life would be a dingle derry, If I only had a brain." -The Scarecrow, Wizard of Oz It's All About The Brain So, why is LeBron James great at basketball, and you are not?  Why is it that Bill Clinton could walk into a room and [...]

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“Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to Work We Go!???”

“Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off to Work We Go!???” I was in a Red Robin about a year ago, and a young waitress was showing me how to work the new mini-computer at each table for ordering and entertainment. I asked her if she was concerned that this could eventually lead to her being replaced by technology? She smiled and assured me that the machine could never take the [...]

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Why Online Support For Millennial Parents Can Be Very Effective

Why Online Support For Millennial Parents Can Be Very Effective This, of course, could be a very self-serving piece by a person that believes in online parenting success. However, if you could see me in person, you would know just how trusting I look! If that is still not enough, ask my mother! Millennial parents -born roughly between the mid-1980s and 2000 are now having an impact on all parts [...]

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What Do Parents of Happy Children Have In Common?

What do parents of happy children have in common? Do you wish to raise a happy child? While there is no set formula for such success, there are characteristics and behaviors of parents that we can look to as indicators of what works for a child. 1. Parents of happy children have high expectations of them. Children with parents that have high expectations of them do much better than those [...]

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The Rules of Kindergarten

The Rules of Kindergarten “Run, jump, dig, explore, talk, build, tear down, pour, yell, saw, hammer, paint, ride, imagine, sing, wonder, measure, ponder, play, reflect, be alone, examine, experiment, express, daydream” I am going to get upset-I warn you in advance. I love kindergarteners because they laugh at my jokes. So, when 80% of our schools are doing wrong by them, I get upset! We have 100 years of research [...]

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Suicide and Children

Suicide and Children As I write, social media is abuzz about two celebrity suicides in one week. Moreover, a report this week indicated that suicide is becoming a national health emergency with the numbers as reported by the CDC up 30% since 1999. Simply put, life is getting harder for those more susceptible to mental health problems and the resources to support them are ever more scarce. As a parent, [...]

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