Stretching the Umbilical Cord; The Dreaded Helicopter Parent-Are You One?

Stretching the Umbilical Cord The Dreaded Helicopter Parent-Are You One? In a recent report from Developmental Psychology, author Dr. Nicole Perry suggests that those children whose parents are over-controlling when they are young are less able to control their emotions and impulses as they get older. Evidence reveals that controlling parenting is linked to a number of problems as a child grows up: It suggests that to foster emotional and [...]

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The Six Best Parenting Books To Read This Summer

The Six Best Parenting Books To Read This Summer The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness by Ned Hallowell A wonderful book, practical and uplifting.  Hallowell suggests a five-step plan to provide children with the ultimate gift of happiness.  He argues that these five qualities- connection, play, practice, mastery and recognition hold the key to future healthy and happy children. This book is a celebration of the child. All Joy and No [...]

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S.O.B.* Save Our Boys! Our boys are struggling in today’s economy, education system, and society, in general. Both objective statistics and subjective stories from parents and teachers suggest that our boys are dropping out of traditional societal work and relational commitments. The cliched image of the young man living in his parent’s basement and playing video games is becoming more and more commonplace. Girls, too, have challenges that we will [...]

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Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburgers!

Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburgers! There is no greater sacred cow in our society than our educational system.  Look at this picture of a classroom from the 19th century: Now look at one from the 20th century: Finally, compare to a typical 21st-century classroom:  What differences do you see between the three?  I would argue very little. Compare this to a business, bank, production line, or hospital today, all of [...]

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