Why Online Support For Millennial Parents Can Be Very Effective

Why Online Support For Millennial Parents Can Be Very Effective This, of course, could be a very self-serving piece by a person that believes in online parenting success. However, if you could see me in person, you would know just how trusting I look! If that is still not enough, ask my mother! Millennial parents -born roughly between the mid-1980s and 2000 are now having an impact on all parts [...]

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The Six Best Parenting Books To Read This Summer

The Six Best Parenting Books To Read This Summer The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness by Ned Hallowell A wonderful book, practical and uplifting.  Hallowell suggests a five-step plan to provide children with the ultimate gift of happiness.  He argues that these five qualities- connection, play, practice, mastery and recognition hold the key to future healthy and happy children. This book is a celebration of the child. All Joy and No [...]

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S.O.B.* Save Our Boys! Our boys are struggling in today’s economy, education system, and society, in general. Both objective statistics and subjective stories from parents and teachers suggest that our boys are dropping out of traditional societal work and relational commitments. The cliched image of the young man living in his parent’s basement and playing video games is becoming more and more commonplace. Girls, too, have challenges that we will [...]

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Parenting Single, But Never Alone!

Parenting Single, But Never Alone! The next time you think you have it tough as a parent, just give some thought to our single parents. As a result of divorce, abandonment, a spouse’s death, or an unplanned pregnancy, single parents are living in a situation that they did not choose. Men and (largely) women find themselves in the unexpected position of being single parents, and yet, they take on this [...]

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Is My Child On Track for High School Success?

Is My Child On Track for High School Success? This assessment is divided into five separate question areas.  Each area represents a cluster of skills that are essential for academic and career preparation and success. If the answer to an individual question is in the affirmative, please place a tick in the adjacent box. Your Child: Academic Skills: Metacognition: Social-Emotional Development: Self-advocacy: Executive Function: Please note that the scores indicated [...]

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Graduation-Now What?

Graduation-Now What? "Another turning point A fork stuck in the road Time grabs you by the wrist Directs you where to go So make the best of this test And don't ask why It's not a question But a lesson learned in time It's something unpredictable But in the end it's right I hope you had the time of your life" Green Day - Time Of Your Life Entering the [...]

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When Children Turn Into Cats

This is an article I have used with parents of teenage children for many years.  I share it now with you to assure you that, eventually, things will improve-hang in there!!  In the meantime, we are here at Confident Parenting to help parents coach their children to success. When Children Turn Into Cats ADAIR LARA Published 4:00 am, Thursday, March, 1996 I JUST REALIZED THAT while children are dogs, loyal [...]

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Are Parenting Classes Worth The Time and Bother?

Are Parenting Classes Worth The Time and Bother? As with most things in life, the easy answer to the question if parenting classes are effective, is both yes and no. Being a parent is the most important thing we will ask anyone to do, and we assume people get the knowledge by osmosis – and, of course, they do no such thing.  No-one has any idea as to what type [...]

The Two Best Websites For Parents

The Two Best Websites For Parents I am often asked to name the best two websites out there for parents. There are, of course, a million sites out there, including this one, offering advice on everything under the sun, but I do have two in mind. When my children were very little, my wife was hesitant for them to see some of the latest Disney movies because she felt that [...]

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