Our Library For Child Assessment

1. A Learning Styles AssessmentYour children learn in their own individual ways. Understanding your child’s dominant style is vital to promoting your child’s education.

2. 20 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is In Trouble: Is your child’s behavior such that it’s way beyond the norm of peers and what we expect for his/her developmental stage?

3. Does My Child Have The Grit Needed To Be Successful? Your child needs to have the resilience to deal with whatever 21st-century life may bring. Does he or she have it?

4. Autism Spectrum Disorder: This is a serious medical diagnosis that has a universal impact on your child’s future. Check this test to begin your understanding.

5. My Child’s Social/Emotional And Behavioral Screening: Does my child’s emotional and social maturity match expected developmental readiness?

6. Temperament And My Child: Each child has a temperament and it plays a huge part in his or her development. A poor match between #6 and #11 can lead to a major breakdown in the parent-child relationship.

7. Asperger’s Syndrome: Asperger’s is now seen as an impairment subset of autism proper. This may be the quirky child who is struggling with social norms.

8. Is My Child On Track For Elementary-Middle School Success: “She’s fine” or, “He’ll grow out of it” – this is not always the case. Check out your child’s developmental progress.

9. Graduating Eighth Grade – Is My Child Ready For High School? As above, but with the added pressure that your child may not be ready-academically or emotionally.

10. Does My Child Have Sensory Challenges? A not so uncommon profile. Your sensory child may be negatively impacted by things like light, sound, touch, feel, clothing, etc.

11. My Parenting Styles Assessment: Your parenting style is hugely important, from the positive to the destructive. Creating your positive personal style is vitally important.

12. Does My Child Have A Learning Disability? These may be many and varied but the result is the same: your child learns to hate school and develops a low sense of self.

13. Executive Dysfunction And My Child: This is the child who simply cannot organize any aspect of his or her life. Parents of this child often end up shouting more than they wish.

14. My Child’s Anxiety: Anxiety is increasing in ever-younger children. This may seriously impact your child’s daily experience. This is a medical issue not to be ignored.

15. Oppositional Disorder Deficit And My Child: This is a serious psychological diagnosis that requires immediate attention. Beyond simple disobedience into threatening behavior.

16. Is My Child Gifted And Talented? Children who have a very high IQ often accompanied by a low EQ. The “geeks” and the quirky children that go on to rule the world but their path is hard.

17. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder And My Child: This is a child whose social/emotional behavior and repetitive behaviors (rather than any cognitive issues) cause tremendous stress.

18. Twenty-Five Musts For Your Child To Thrive: This screening indicates how strong your child’s connections are to others, and how strong his/her esteem is within these structures.

19. Does Your Child Have AD(H)D? Another common, severe medical condition among children (and adults). Often misdiagnosed by doctors, with children subject to overprescription.

20. Is My Child Dyssemic? Dyssemia is a collection of non-verbal challenges that impede the social/emotional life of a child whose behavior is labeled as everything from quirky to weird.