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Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step and have completed your assessment (if you haven’t yet make sure you take the FREE Child Assessment). Now, you’ve begun to develop a profile for your child. This is wonderful news and means that you’ve taken your first step to VIP (Very Important Parent) status.

parenting circle - parent coachingWhat will you choose to do with this information? Unfortunately, some of you will always think that you, and you alone, know what is best for your child. That is a challenging notion.

Cognitive dissonance is defined as “the mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.” The contradictory belief is “that you know what is best for your child” and that “you need help with your child.” If you didn’t need help with your child, you wouldn’t have come this far.

And that is okay

It is okay for you to ask for help. In fact, it is a good thing.

Professor of Biology in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and in the Neurobiology Department at Duke University Medical Center, renowned author Stephen Nowicki, Ph.D. reminds us, “You do not have to have the extensive professional training to do an effective informal assessment of your child’s potential issue. The most important tool of assessment is awareness. If you are aware of a potential issue, you will be able to consciously observe what you normally do not see. Then, you will be in a good position to use your common sense to evaluate whether or not your child has a problem.”

We’ve all heard that awareness is the first step towards positive change. Because of this, you have a head start at successfully fulfilling your child’s needs. You are becoming the parent your child deserves.

Be Confident In Your Decision

Do you wonder if other parents do this? The answer is a resounding yes!

The resonating effect of the “you know what is best for your child” mindset, is that some people find themselves ashamed just for simply asking for help. Reaching out is something to be proud of, but we understand how you may feel.

Each family’s needs are personal to them, and that is why we offer membership in our Confident Parenting Circle, designed to provide you with a confidential, individualized coaching approach.

Although our program is designed to have an end in sight, your relationship with your child should never end. As a member of our circle, you will bring back with you the tools, mindset, and understanding needed in your family’s circle.

Why Parent Coaching And Not Traditional Counseling?

For years, society has either stifled the need to reach out or has reached out to the wrong profession. Sometimes, it was because of lack of specialists and resources.

Why-Parent-CoachingUnlike traditional counseling, parent coaching is goal oriented! We approach the issues one goal at a time. Counseling, on the other hand, focuses less on goals and more on feeling and somatic response. Parent Coaching aims to solve problems, conquer obstacles, and see improvement.

And, unlike counseling, we offer our services in the most convenient place – your home! All sessions are done over the phone or via the internet. This gives you additional power and the freedom to overcome your obstacles on your time and where your kids are most comfortable… at home!

Even More Reasons To Seek Parent Coaching Over Counseling…

In counseling, the child is the client and parents are excluded from the conversations. But, in coaching, a partnership is developed between parent and coach.

Counseling is backward-looking and examines the events of the past. While this is helpful and may have its place at times, coaching is dynamic and forward-looking. We want a better future for you and your children.

Coaching is practical and focused. Not only are we moving forward, we know where we are going. Traditional counseling typically keeps things open-ended, with no end in sight.

Coaching uses rapid interventions in order to create behavioral change. We want to keep things moving in a positive direction. If something is wrong, we seek to improve it. Family Counseling, on the other hand, focuses on listening and reflection and not so much on giving advice. We want to provide answers and not more questions.

Family Counseling Is Expensive

We would never consider our service superior to standard counselors and therapists but we do consider our way to be the right way when it comes to building quality relationships with your children.

And we would never consider our service inferior to standard counselors and therapist. But, yes, we are FAR more affordable. If you employ a traditional counselor, you can expect to pay a minimum of $120.00 for an hour; that’s if you can find one who can even work successfully with your child.


We have the experience, the history, the education, and the testimonials to back up the fact that we know what we are doing. And we know how to do it affordably and conveniently, resulting in the absolute best value in parent coaching.

The Value Of Parenting Circle

It can be uncomfortable to put a price on your relationships with your child or children. It can be uncomfortable to put a price on developing those relationships in a healthy way.

BUT… it’s a whole lot easier when the price is affordable and we have coaching packages starting as low as $0.64 a minute!

With Parenting Circle, we’ve done the absolute best we can to make you and your child’s development affordable, convenient, and worthy. We look forward to taking the next steps with you and your family!


$29700per 10 weeks
  • 30 Minutes Per Week


$35500per 10 weeks
  • 45 Minutes Per Week


38400per 10 weeks
  • 60 Minutes Per Week