Graduation-Now What?

“Another turning point

A fork stuck in the road

Time grabs you by the wrist

Directs you where to go

So make the best of this test

And don’t ask why

It’s not a question

But a lesson learned in time

It’s something unpredictable

But in the end it’s right

I hope you had the time of your life”

Green Day – Time Of Your Life

Entering the World of Work

Throughout the country, graduates are walking across the stage to fanfare.

We hope they enjoy their day, for tomorrow comes the cold reality of the next forty years in the workplace, and they will learn soon enough if everyone involved in their education over many years did their job well.

The world of business is telling us very clearly what it is they need and expect in their future workers and, sadly, too many of our children will be unprepared for what will be expected of them.  

Do the criteria below match the assets with which your child is graduating? Equally importantly, do the criteria match the skills your 6th grade, 9th grade, or undergraduate are learning?

  1.  Ability to work in a team
  2.  Ability to make decisions and solve problems (tie)
  3.  Ability to communicate with people verbally and in writing
  4.  Ability to plan, organize and prioritize work
  5.  Ability to research and process information from multiple sources
  6.  Ability to analyze data
  7.  Proficiency with software
  8.  Ability to create and/or edit written reports
  9.  Ability to influence others
  10.  Ability to show up consistently
  11.  Empathy
  12.  Willingness to be a lifelong learner

It is a wonderful list for the workplace. It is an inadequate list for life.

Nowhere does it mention the ability to fill in the bubble test.  If it did, our children would be #1 as this is the misplaced focus of so much of the academic life of a student.

Nowhere does it mention the ability to speak in a language other than one’s own, and the need to understand and appreciate people from other cultures.

artsNowhere does it mention the importance of the Arts, and understanding and appreciating the power of music, the fine arts, and the performing arts in developing us as human beings.

Nowhere does it mention character and leadership, and developing positive values in our young people.  

Nowhere does it mention that it is not enough to be individually successful if we are not raising up others along with us.

Nowhere does it mention empathy and the need to care for and about others.

Nowhere does it mention how to build relationships that will make us happy in the long term.

At Confident Parenting, we believe that developing this whole person is essential for the creation of a healthy adult. We also believe that you cannot leave this to school and others to achieve. The parent must lead the way and cannot leave the future to chance. Join us in creating a partnership that can achieve this for your child. Find below those characteristics we believe are important for success.

Circle those your child-young or adult-possesses.

Start With The End In Mind- A Profile of Your Future Graduate

                     Core Characteristics:

  • Creative            Collaborative   Collegial


  • Caring               Competent       Communicative


  • Can-Do             Courageous      Compassionate


  • Contributing    Considerate     Civic-minded


  • Capable             Congenial         Courteous


  • Cheerful            Clever                Civil


  • Committed       Cultured            Commendable


  • Competitive     Constant            Credible