Listen To Your Gut!

With my own children, I have discovered that I have a gut. Some people will suggest that it is pronounced, but this is a physical result of being happily married to a good cook for many years.

However I, also, have an internal sense for the well-being of my children – a gut feeling that eats at me when something appears wrong with one of them, despite all appearances to the contrary. It takes a while, but once past the default of “nothing”, an open conversation can occur. Listen to that gut!

I always urge a parent to go with that gut feeling. Professionals are, too often, ready to go with the obvious; I have been guilty of this myself, and have sometimes had to pause and listen to what mom and dad are telling me, as distinct from what I believe they are saying because it fits into a preconceived idea of the child and the family.

We’re Here To Help

The “gut” feeling may mean placing yourself at odds as a parent with those in your child’s circle. It may mean making a pain of yourself at times; however, if you do not advocate for your child, who will?

There is a tightrope the parent must walk carefully between supporting the child and being perceived as a helicopter parent that is destructive of relationships.

Again, at Confident Parenting, we are the advocate for the parent, a shoulder to cry on, a willing listener, and an advocate. We do not judge you.

Being a parent, especially of one with a challenge, is exhausting and lonely. You cannot speak to a family that does not understand.

You cannot speak with friends because their children may seem perfect, and they don’t get it. You are often embarrassed by your child’s public behavior, and you see the eye rolling of other parents. A tough child may cause tension between the parents.

You need not be alone; we are here to help and support. Get in touch with us today!