Child Assessment Library

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Get access to our full library of 20 unique child assessments designed to help you figured out your child’s specific needs.

Usually, our library of assessments sells for $129 but for a limited time you get access to all 20 assessments for just $39!


You Get Access To Our Library Of 20 Child Assessments

1. A Learning Styles Assessment

2. 20 Ways To Tell If Your Child Is In Trouble

3. Does My Child Have The Grit Needed To Be Successful?

4. Autism Spectrum Disorder

5. My Child’s Social/Emotional And Behavioral Screening

6. Temperament And My Child

7. Asperger’s Syndrome

8. Is My Child On Track For Elementary-Middle School Success

9. Graduating Eighth Grade – Is My Child Ready For High School?

10. Does My Child Have Sensory Challenges?

11. My Parenting Styles Assessment

12. Does My Child Have A Learning Disability?

13. Executive Dysfunction And My Child

14. My Child’s Anxiety

15. Oppositional Disorder Deficit And My Child

16. Is My Child Gifted And Talented?

17. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder And My Child

18. Twenty-Five Musts For Your Child To Thrive

19. Does Your Child Have AD(H)D?

20. Is My Child Dyssemic?


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