Platinum – 10 Parent Coach Sessions – 60 Minutes Each


60 Minute Parent Coaching Sessions – one time per week over 10 weeks

May be used in whatever manner the parent decides such as multiple sessions per week or other arrangements by mutual agreement.

Here’s how that breaks down:

$ 0.64 per minute
$ 41.00 per session
$ 384.00 per ten weeks


Top 7 Reasons To Join Our Confident Parenting Circle

Now that you have begun to develop a profile of your child, what do you do with it?

Each family’s needs are personal to them, and that is why we offer membership in our Confident Parenting Circle designed to provide you with a confidential, individualized coaching approach in working with you.

Coaching is deliberately not counseling:

  • Unlike counseling, coaching is inexpensive and flexible… Counseling is expensive, a minimum of $120.00 for an hour, if you can find one who can work successfully with your child.
  • Coaching is dynamic, forward-looking… Counseling is backward-looking, examining events of the past.
  • Coaching is practical and focused… Counseling is open-ended.
  • Coaching uses rapid interventions to create behavioral change… Counseling focuses on listening and reflection-not giving advice.
  • Coaching is done in privacy and comfort of your own home… Counseling is Inconvenient with appointments at office only.
  • In coaching, a partnership is developed between parent and coach… In counseling, the child is the client, and parents are excluded from the conversations.
  • In coaching, we approach the issues one goal at a time… In counseling, goals are rarely the focus.


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