The Two Best Websites For Parents

I am often asked to name the best two websites out there for parents.
There are, of course, a million sites out there, including this one, offering advice on everything under the sun, but I do have two in mind.

When my children were very little, my wife was hesitant for them to see some of the latest Disney movies because she felt that some of the scarier scenes were developmentally inappropriate and could raise insecurities and fears for them-Bambi’s mom dying; etc.

We would have welcomed having both the two sites mentioned below available to help guide us with our children’s emotional needs at various ages and stages as the family navigated the media.

pg-13Young parents may not even have been born when the PG13 rating system was first introduced; the impact of the present rating system may be found in this article.

The bottom line: movie makers long ago figured out that with some artful editing of words and images, they could bring movies up to the edge of the R rating, without losing the PG 13 rating
that would then lose them the box office bonanza that younger children offer.

Of course, many parents seeing the PG 13 rating assume the best, until the movie starts, and their children are unexpectedly exposed to negative influences. Even worse, parents may be lulled into taking younger siblings along to the movie for convenience, with predictable results.

Resources For You

There are two sites that I strongly recommend to parents that are confused
and concerned about the culture their children are exposed to from an earlier and earlier age. Each of these sites provides a reliable source of information for parents about the culture; one in general terms; the other focussed on movies.

The first website reviews current cultural offerings in movies, books, TV, games, apps, and websites. It, also, offers information to parents about the positive and negative impact of the media, in all its forms. Its mission is, clearly, to support parents awash in a sea they hope to control just a little more, and it does a great job of providing much-needed information.

The second website is not a non-profit, but a .com. Nonetheless, it provides a very valuable service to parents with tweens and teens who wish to go to the movies. Each week, it reviews new releases. However, unlike other reviews, it offers a graphic blow-by-blow account describing the movie’s contents in three areas: sex; violence, and language-every physical interaction; every shooting and beating, and every profane word.

There are no comments offered, good or bad, simply a written account. With this information in hand, parents are in a much stronger position to make their decision as to whether or not the movie may be appropriate for your child, or not.