Why Online Support For Millennial Parents Can Be Very Effective

This, of course, could be a very self-serving piece by a person that believes in online parenting success.

However, if you could see me in person, you would know just how trusting I look!

If that is still not enough, ask my mother!

Millennial parents -born roughly between the mid-1980s and 2000 are now having an impact on all parts of our society as it relates to children.

As millennial parents begin to have their own children, they are, also, starting to change parenting as we know it.

Millennial parents see parenting as core to their identity.

New sub-categories such as ‘free-range parenting’, “tiger moms”, and so on are making their way into the nomenclature and culture.

Millennial parents are comfortable reaching out to others in the community. Without the traditional extended family in place, social media has become the new font of knowledge, for better or worse.

Millennial parents are more committed to the idea of gender equality and neutrality, and this has led to more businesses seeking to produce products that will meet this demand; most of these products are, of course, found on Amazon.

Millennial parents promote the position of their daughters in society, seeking to ensure that gender barriers are quickly torn down.  Millennial parents find their sons more difficult to support, and they are are struggling with the confusion around the role of boys and men in today’s world.

A formal religious experience is less important to millennial parents and their young families. Millennial families are less likely to attend church, preferring to spend the time as a family.

However, while millennial parents are rejecting formal religion, they appear hungry for spiritual experiences, and New Age variations on the theme are popular.

earthMillennial parents are globalists.  They want their children to be exposed to a variety of peoples and cultures from throughout the globe.  They believe in tolerance and understanding, and they reject extreme views that seek to divide people.

Millennial parents are more comfortable with technology in schools than many teachers and administrators that are still technology immigrants.

Millennial parents have high expectations of their schools but are running into the same issue as previous generations of underperforming public schools.  They wish to be civic-minded and support their local schools; however, they are torn by wishing for the best for their child.  

More millennial parents are turning to homeschooling which is entering the mainstream in many states as more and more young families begin to question if schools share the same values as their family.

Millennial parents face financial pressures that are making private schools less accessible to them, and their financial worries, in general, weigh them down.

Millennial parents seek a simpler life, less dependent on “toys” and “things” than their parents.  Family experiences that the family can share are more important to them than possessions.

Millennial parents favor an attachment parenting style in which parents provide their children with loving support, and adjust their expectations to support the child’s developmental level.  This attachment style emphasizes the need for lots of physical touches to build an emotional connection.

Millennial parents are practicing a form of parallel family play, with each member of the family unit engaged in their own digital world.  Parents and children may occupy the same room, but their experiences are very different.

With all this as a backdrop, we can easily explain why online support for millennial parents can be very effective.

Online support for millennial parents is simply an evolution from what has been going on for decades.

However, technology changes of the last decade and the specific manner of how millennial parents seek information are changing the platforms designed to meet their needs.

Millennial parents, as a generalization, seek service that is informed, convenient, and that offers the opportunity for collaboration.

This is especially the case when it comes to their children and ensuring that they are nurtured and successful.

Online Coaching

coachingOnline coaching of millennial parents through the natural challenges they face with their children is a healthy alternative for those who have reservations about counseling.

Millennial parents prefer online coaching over classes because it appeals to their desire for experiences that are individualized and personalized.

The goal of online coaching aimed at millennial parents is to help grow their family by tackling those individual parenting issues that are hurting family life.

  • A good online coaching program for millennial parents will develop a temperament profile of their child.
  • With ten different parenting styles possible; a good online coaching program will help millennial parents to discover theirs, and its positive or negative impact on their parenting.
  • Using this information, millennial parents are able to build a bridge that can positively narrow any gap in the interactions between parent and child

Who is best suited to benefit from an online parent coaching program?

  • This online coaching program is for loving parents who seek to grow the natural potential of their child through an individualized program.

Is this counseling?

  • This is not counseling-that is for children who are seriously troubled, and it has a medical basis.  For such children, you should always consult with a counselor. A strong parent coaching program is intended to support parents as they grow healthy children to have even richer lives.

If not counseling, then what is it?

  • A strong online coaching program is a dynamic process of coaching millennial parents for success.  Unlike counseling that is focussed re-actively on the past, coaching is proactive, looking forward to what can be.
  • It seeks to set specific, realistic goals in fostering a holistic view of your child through a strengths-based approach.  Moreover, it seeks to build a collaborative partnership between child and parent that moves the child forward towards independence

What are the other advantages:

  • A strong online coaching approach allows you to develop understanding in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • A strong online coaching program costs a  fraction of the price of a counselor.  
  • A strong online coaching program will offer millennial parents optimism, understanding, and support without shaming or blaming.  
  • A good online coaching program understands just how hard it is to be a successful millennial parent, and provides 100% to the family.

At Confident Parenting, our service to millennial parents and others models the criteria above.  Our mission is to support parents, and we urge you to call us to see if we can help.